The End of Earth

In this dimension for which I have been cursed to be present, they have that vile mindless companion which our beloved universe long ago found obsolete and an utter waste of time. Yes. They have dogs. But not just one dog. Here, unlike our world where one species of dog was more than enough, there are thousands of different kind. I personally have daily interaction with multiple types. I do not know what kind they are; nor do I care. And yes, they are still obsolete in this universe. I hear the humans say they are good for protection, but protection from what. I am uncertain. Let alone, how such a creature with such useless claws could possible afford some protection is beyond me.

Ahh claws. When I stretch my out, the glint of the sun reflecting in them show a myriad of rainbow colors mixed in with the notion of the death they could surely bring. If I so chose, of course. Which, in my current state, I do not. My claws are my own and I only need to display them when one of the canine vermin gets too close. But to tell you the truth, the dogs aren’t worth my deadly strikes. They are large yes. When they drink, they leak. Of course. But I find their utter lack of knowledge of their own condition amazingly simple. Can you image thinking that the house you live in and yard you defecate in is the entire universe?

I spoke with the large dog, Mike (yes, I am fluent in dog since my tongue includes a universal translator). Anyway, I spoke with Mike and he said they he had ventured to the end of the earth. He was giddy, as a dog usually is. When I asked him what was at the end of the earth, he said very matter of factly, “The road.”

I know, simple ideas from simple genetic material.