I am an Immortal Star!

I have been found out.

The man who was here a couple of weeks ago with an issue seeing and the man who couldn’t hear were actually part of an advanced team who sole purpose was to expose our kinds most unbelievably amazing stars. I, of course, do fall into that category, but I have found that visions of myself are going to be readily broadcast to the unwashed masses. Yes, I do know they shall bow and/or kneel in front of the sight of my technology. And, yes, I do feel pity for them for not having a cat-like intellect and feline intuition necessary to see into other dimensions. But, my exposure shall certainly make it harder for myself to document the meandering lives of these humans. They will certainly flock to see me, have a picture taken with me, pet my luxurious fur.

It is a burden. But being myself has always been a burden.

I remember fondly the first people who tried to take care of me. They would take me to these things called Cat Shows so that others could bask in my glory. Stricken with the knowledge that I was destined for greatness and unknowing my technology was not a tipped tongue, the poor bastards released me to my present caretakers. I am certain they are feeling the burden of my inevitable stardom. I have seen it myself.

It seems that they find reverence in my presence so much that they have taken to putting my likeness of mugs of coffee, surely so they may gaze lovingly at my visage even when I am not near.

Sad, yes. But, obviously, totally understandable.

As I understand it, on Monday May 2nd, at 9PM EST the rest of America shall see my face, fall in love with my technology, and certainly have to buy equipment adorned with myself.

Again, sad, yes.

Understandable? Of course.