Commander Bacon of the Purr Bellies Brigade

And so it begins. Today I got a transmission that a fellow traveler is being allowed to join my quest. But he is no documentarian like yours truly. No. He is a commander in the covetted but poorly named brigade “the Purr Bellies.” Commander Bacon, as he is called, is older than me and in the brief encounter with him I had the previous night, he has many battlle scars.

While the humans slept at night… I still can’t fathom why they do this at night when there is a perfectly good day to sleep in. But I digress. Anyway, while the humans slept at night, we were able to communicate under the door of the room of bath. I’m unsure of why he has been banished from the general population, but take solace that he is in the nicest room of bath in the house. It has a large elongated tub for a cat litter box, which I find refreshing to use ever once in a while. It’s fun to have ones feces on displayed instead of being covered. The humans often yel when they find my marking. But, again, I digress. Please excuse my giddiness.

Anyway, Commander Bacon told me that he is but the first of the Purr Bellies Commandos which will descend on this realm to find the technology long since coveted by catkind since we pulled ourselves out of the out of doors to our rightfull spot inside with the food bowl. He could not give me details, but he did say he had been in many a conflict and needed time to recover from his wounds.

Later in the day, Bacon was put on display for the others inspections. He was so regal in his cage as he stoically allowed others to take note on his vast battle scares. Fungal infection in the ear. Matted hair shaved that had tore the skin and scabbed. A cut above one eyebrow… And that is where I saw it. He has technology. Different technology than my protruding ‘tongue’, but technology still the same. There is no protuding edifice from his mouth, perhaps some halitosis, but his technolgy is apparet when you meet his gaze. His eyes are two great oranges orbs bearing into one’s soul. They command you to follow him. I found myself trying to help Bacon escape, but I could not. He was whisped back into his solitary confinement with the grandest litter box and the bowl of water.

I pray he recovers so I may hear of his battle stories and, of course, how we will get the technology that has eluded us all these days.

To be continued….