I am Der

I truly believe my tongue has the ability to penetrate alternate realities. I control the minds of my humans and the other inhabitants of my dwelling. I lick paper. Give me caviar. End.


Defined: Awkward or embarrassing, especially pertaining to a person. (In this case- Cat)

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Excerpt from Der's first ever interview

Der, can you tell me a little about yourself? “I am a cat. Is that little enough?”

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Purr Bellies Brigade

The Purr Bellies Commandos will descend on this realm to find the technology long since coveted by catkind.

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This is where it all began. It is where Der emerged from the depths of his Iowa Death Metal Hobby Farm and poked his little photographic head out.

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Not long after Der's presence was known on Instagram, Der started dabbling in the Bird. He would rather eat the bird. He is practicing excellent self control here.

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Ok.. If we are to respect all forms of Social Media, then shouldn't we play the facebook card? Come to Facebook and like this furball.

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This is where you might learn what gears are turning in Der's little head. Does he pin pictures of Pug's wearing tutus Or does he collect images of unicorns snarling rainbow flames from their nostrils? You should go find out.

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